St Peters School Farm



The St Peters School farm on the outskirts of Cambridge, had established numerous woodlots surrounding the farm and school in the late 1980’s. With these trees ready for harvest, Wood Marketing was engaged to manage the harvesting and marketing of these woodlots in winter 2013. Operationally this job had it all in terms of obstacles to manage and work around, with a list of potential hazards that typically we would encounter only once or twice on a normal job. It included the following to name a few, a working dairy farm, school campus, Waikato River, Fonterra pipeline, residential houses, powerlines, Pa site, SH 1 access and road edge, cycleway planning, and backpulling trees away from a velodrome under construction!


Wood Marketing developed an operational plan for the harvest with involvement from the key stakeholders in all the elements of this technical harvest. This harvest plan was executed by a long time contractor of Wood Marketing; Alan Gibbison who with his team did an outstanding job of working amongst these many obstacles without issue. The end result was that all the trees were harvested safely without issue to the other operations, no damage to property and at a sound financial return to the school. With the woodlots removed, further development work around the farm and school campus could progress.

Contact us to further discuss the requirements of the harvest process and to understand what your trees are worth; we provide detailed information on the key elements of the process – forest assessment, harvest planning, infrastructure, harvesting, log sales, with no obligation.