Pukemiro / Glen Massey

Forest Establishment / Management


Our client, with our forestry input purchased property’s in the Waikato that we could see suited a mixture of commercial forestry and commercial cropping. Working with the client and the other contractors we put plans in place to get the commercial forestry side underway. Substantial planning, mapping, council notifications, tree stock ordering and labour capacity were but a few of the challenges. We had to organise the removal of pest species both fauna and flora from the properties and liase with farmers who would be grazing ahead of the planting crews. We use a mixture of independent and in house quality control checks and manage hands on.


Year 1 – We successfully planted over 400 Ha at Pukemiro Forest on Highway 22. Using a mixture of manual and aerial releasing to ensure waterway setbacks and to reduce the physical appearance of the land usage change. The photos show the different land uses in action, and several photos show the changing land scape as the forest emerges.

Year 2 – We successfully planted 420 Ha of land again working with the cropping contractors, this time with a better system to avoid planting too close to the crop land. Again, pests were controlled, and a mixture of aerial and manual releasing was used due to access and safety of the ground crews, and economic considerations. The photos show the new forest with all the spots showing up.

Year 3 – We have another 450 Ha to be established once we have some pest weeds taken care of. Again, we will be working with the grazier to ensure that maximum grass is removed prior to planting.