Forest Harvest & Management

Private owner in the King Country


Left with a $20,000 debt for road and skid construction by a large forestry company 10 years ago, and still no sign of their trees being harvested, owners of this small woodlot didn’t know who to turn to. Wood Marketing Services became involved through a referral from another client. The stand was in a difficult location on the farm, large heavy trees on a steep slope with limited access and heavy areas of windthrow having occurred over the past few years. The original plan had been to put a hauler into the block but the size and difficulty had failed to excite any logging contractor.


Using a salvage type operation to extract the merchantable timber from this difficult stand with careful planning and consideration of the environment, Wood Marketing managed to cover the outstanding debt within the first month of harvest, in a low return market. Harvesting continued, with all accessible wood harvested and a tidy net stumpage return to the owners, exceeding their expectations.