Harvesting & Marketing

WMS has built its success on a reputation for providing a personal harvest and marketing solution to your forest from 1 ha to 10,000ha.
Our industry experience and proven record ensures you get the best result for your forest.

WMS has developed key relationships with domestic and export forest products companies, which enables us to give clients returns that are in line with large scale commercial forest operations. This is complemented by a strong base of contractors (logging, cartage and forest roading), who can provide the right harvest solution in our forest harvesting and marketing service.

We manage all aspects of compliance to Health and Safety legistration, operate an Environmental Management System to ensure requirements under Regional Council, permitted or consented harvesting activities are met. We have good working relationships with both Regional and District Councils, along with utilities providers, ensuring the bases are covered when undertaking harvesting of your forest.

Every forest owner has a different set of needs, commonly financial, risk or land use based. WMS aims to understand each client’s needs, and develop a harvesting and marketing approach to best fit these. We can offer the below approaches to achieve the best result for you;

Open Book Harvest & Marketing Management

Our most common approach, and one which typically offers the best return and level of control for the forest owner. We manage all aspects of the project for the owner, with full transparency of revenues and costs, with detailed reporting on all aspects of the process.

Stumpage Forest Sales

The forest owner is given a fixed value for the forest, and the purchaser takes the risk for log market conditions and operational costs. We can either provide a stumpage value for the forest or take the forest to the market for offers from buyers and manage this process.

Pay as Cut Stumpage Sales – a $/ton composite value is placed on all the logs harvested from the forest and typically paid monthly to the forest owner for volume harvested.

Lump Sum Stumpage Sales – a lump sum for the entire forest is paid, typically discounted for market, operational and volume in favour of the purchaser.

Contact us to further discuss the requirements of the harvest process and to understand what your trees are worth; we provide detailed information on the key elements of the process – forest assessment, harvest planning, infrastructure, harvesting, log sales, with no obligation.