Forestry Management

WMS has built its success on a reputation for providing a personal harvest and marketing solution to your forest from 1 ha to 10,000ha.
We provide specialised Forestry Management services to a number of clients, who prefer our no nonsense, get on with the job approach, that other larger providers in the industry struggle with.

Our expertise and strengths in harvesting and marketing mean we understand the key attributes of growing a good forest investment, and getting the best return on it. We provide management of your forest from start to finish in order to achieve the best net returns.

Our strong background in commercial forestry and log processing industries, gives us extensive knowledge of the NZ forestry industry. This experience enables us to provide the optimum forestry management solutions to clients, maximising the key outcomes of financial return, operational industry best practice and client satisfaction with our level of service.

Our Forestry Management services include:

  • Forest establishment
  • Forest pruning and thinning
  • Budgeting and cashflow analysis
  • Health and safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Forest mapping and GIS ability
  • Stumpage appraisals and valuations
  • Harvest costing and budgeting

We have a number of associated industry professionals that we work with who can assist with further areas of expertise in carbon forestry and the NZ ETS, forestry consulting, inventory assessment and modelling, and forest valuation. This can be done in conjunction with WMS or directly with the client to ensure the best result.

Contact us to further discuss the requirements of the harvest process and to understand what your trees are worth; we provide detailed information on the key elements of the process – forest assessment, harvest planning, infrastructure, harvesting, log sales, with no obligation.